Carpet is a great option for both domestic and commercial properties. There are a variety of different options for installing carpets which make it a great option for customers.

Carpets offer a varied range of thickness and grades, which are all catered for here at Banks Flooring Solutions

We stock all the biggest and best carpet manufacturers here, including Burmatex, Forbo, Interface, Miliken and many more.

There is such a huge range of carpets out there and other various ways in which you can install. With each method suited to different situations.

First of all, there is the traditional method. This is where the carpet is fitted on underlay with a gripper rod around the perimeter. You'll usually find this method used in domestic jobs. Another popular method, is the stockdale method. We tend to use this method in care homes, school halls and classrooms etc. This method excels in areas with heavy foot traffic.

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